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Club ticketsClublane

Club tickets are only valid for clubs participating in the Clublane. To prevent confusion! The European Ford Event consists of several parts; Concours Circuit, Exhibitors, Clublane etc. At the Clublane there are several clubs with each their own club position. Only the secretary of a club can book club tickets for the club participation in the Clublane. Individual participants have to join a club, or buy a regular ticket and park at the visitors parking.

How do I book Club tickets

Individual club members can not book Club tickets, the secretary of each club must make reservations for all its members at once and transfer the total amount of all members in one payment. Please fill in the form below and you will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration and payment options. If you do not receive this, please send us an email at or through facebook

Children under 12 years have free entrance to the campsite and the event. Therefor they don’t have to be counted in the amount of personen asked below.

All booked club tickets will will be sent to the secretary of the club one to two weeks before the event. Your participation is final when you, after registration, have transferred the total amount of money. For any questions please contact the Clublane coordinator of the Ford XRST Club via email

Pay attention!

Registrations after August 25 unfortunately can not be processed. We recommend you to register your club in the last week before the deadline, to give as many people as possible within your club the opportunity to participate. Indicate in your application how many of your participants will be parked at the Clublane, will participate at the Concours and will participate in the Track. This is to avoid any empty parking spots on your club stand.

Clublane Benefits

  • Discounted tickets (€ 9 instead of € 12)
  • Earlier access to the site between 8am – 9am
  • A separate parking space to present your club

EFE campsite

This year it is possible to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday at the EFE campsite on the grounds of Raceway Venray. Tickets are € 25, – p.p., you get access to the campsite (Saturday to Sunday night) and access to the event on Sunday. Check-in on the EFE campsite is from 12pm on Saturday. Check-out is until 5pm on Sunday. You can drive straight to the event area sundaymorning. Indicate in the following application form how many of your Clubstand participants want to make use of this campsite opportunity.

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