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The EFE is not just for individuals, but also especially for Ford clubs! There’s a special area on the site where Ford clubs can position themselves with their entire club, it’s called the Clublane. At the Clublane each Ford club has its own clubstand. Visitors have the chance to spot unique Ford models this way.

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Clublane participants 2017

1Twin RSUK69
2Ford Mondeo ClubNL1515
3Ford Club BelgiumBE2747
4ST RS Team BelgiumBE67
5Ford Farm HollandNL79
6Ford Mondeo Club ZuidNL3445
7Ford Focus RS MK1NL66
8XRST Club HollandNL1720
9Ford Vrienden BredaNL1424
10Ford Members Club NederlandNL3351
11Ford Team Zuid HollandNL2025
15Frodenco Club FranceFR58
16MAD Ford Family BelgiumBE1417
17Ford Sierra Scorpio Club NederlandNL1418
18Ford Escort Club NederlandNL2127
19ST220 EnthusiastsUK1114